Jonathan Horowitz has been deeply involved in the Houston restaurant community for more than 15 years, and often is called upon by the media to offer his thoughts and opinions on the hospitality industry. In addition, he has authored numerous published articles regarding the industry and has been interviewed many times on radio and television stations. The following are samples of that press coverage.

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Houston restaurant group CEO leaves, forms own company

Op-ed: What dining out might look like after the pandemic

The Grit 027 | Meet Jonathan Horowitz & Convive Hospitality Consulting

Mini-brand restaurant concepts take off in Houston

Houston restaurateur: We won’t be back to 90% until end of 2021

Grassroots Response Team Forms to Help Houston Restaurant & Bar Owners Navigate COVID-19

Struggling Restaurants Across the Country Still Need Help to Stay Afloat

Houston restaurants fighting to stay alive during coronavirus pandemic

Stand Strong and Deliver (and do to-go)

Houston restaurant veteran predicts 2021 dining trends, plus a chic French bistro

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